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The Gym Experience

Another year, another term. I’m still here. Being out of gym for a year and half, fifteen pounds has been added to my weight, and this makes me feel fleshy and slack. Today is the first day I went back to the gym. After two hours exercising and running, I felt refreshed, both in body and heart. I missed this kind of feeling, truly, so long. I used to run a lot, with friends side by side, back to the time when I was in my senior school. I used to run a lot, fast and proud, enjoying the wind and the sound of cheering fleet through my ears. I used to run a lot, crazy and long, like a inexhaustible horse. I am a horse. For those who know my Chinese name, it is branded in both my first and my last name.  I inherited as a horse, since the very first day I was born. I was wished to be a horse, from my parents, both young and strong.
But, for so many years passed by, when has my spirit gone? Where is my energy? Why I dreamed and stopped running? Life is like a long run, a marathon, without a way back. Once the track is set, the gun is fired, and the scratch line is acrossed, the march begins. There is only one direction: forward, one faith: stick it out, and one goal: to win. Each step can make a difference. Every mistake would pull me out of the track, but every lesson I learn will strong my feet. I receive challenges not only from the others but also the most, from myself. I have to figure out the way to enjoy rather than suffer, the way to matain rather than fall behind, and the way to conquer rather than be beaten down. However, all the steps I added up so far would not be meaningful, and the sweet of ending cannot be tasted, not until the last step is made to reach the finishing line. 
Now I understand feeling trapped and out of control, but I trust the strength of my dreams and I have nothing to fear. I learned to rise above the pitfalls, to look challenge in the eye and say, "This will not stop me."  Therefore, I will no longer allow anything to compromise my ambition, because I know I cannot be a loser in the middle. I must regain my confidence and shake my legs. I shall keep running, ultimately, until the last beat of my heart.
Go, again, like a horse, for the day we shall see new light.
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The Undreaming.

Well, I haven’t updated this blog for a while… like couple of months. Laziness and busyness maybe good excuses for that, but I do have a sense that my life has eventually become inefficient and scheduleless since the beginning of this summer.  Am I pathetic, maybe, as I am not in a serious mood of study or doing anything else so far. I still don’t feel to rebound myself and get back on the track, and I am not almarming myself even though I have two finals in the coming week. Why I was doing like this? I’m seeking the answer too. However, people change, and so do I. Through time to time people keep on telling me I have been changed a lot , and that is probably one of the reasons why I’m keeping on taking photos including myself from the past – my memory may fade, but my photos do not.
Maybe I shouldn’t take any courses so I would have been like many tourists here sitting on the beach and watching the nice sunset, or laying down and sleeping on the silken grass…day dreaming. I feel like I have been dreaming already, even though I know I am cheating myself. I slept, and dreamt that life was beauty; I woke, and found that life was duty. I am often strugglling to keep myself stay awake, but the my view of the real world has turned to be black and white.
Compared to many folks I know back in China, I am one of those luck guys who have plenty supports and was fortunate enough to go and study abroad. When I started my new journey, I was such a strong-willed person and I used to be so sure about everything I did and everything I needed. But now, I am stunned and lost on the road to the success land I promised myself to reach in the past, and slept, like haven’t had a dream for years.
Am I really tired? I doubt. Maybe I’ve just had enough, but escape is not the right word in my personality. After all, in the story, I am still who I am. I don’t want let anyone down including myself. As I said, I have duty to do, and I should be thankful to have so many of those who reenforced me on the road. I will be there, with all these shining benedictions I have been given and all these hardships I will have come through, I will be there.
It is nice to have a dream, and it is even nicer to have the dream to come true.
Carry on till tomorrow. Wake up, Spencer.
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The Attitude of Life.

It is important to know what do you want in your life. But …

What would make a perfect life? Well, let me show you an interesting experiment.

Assume that the English letters from A to Z represent diffenent values corresponding from 1% to 26%. In order to achieve a perfect match, we need to pick a right word with a sum of all its letters’ values equals to 100%. Some results can be shown as below:


HARDWORK: H+A+R+D+W+O+R+K=8%+1%+18%+4%+23%+15%+18%+11%=98%

—-a close one.

KNOWLEDGE: K+N+O+W+L+E+D+G+E=11%+14%+15%+23%+12%+5%+4%+7%+5%=96%

—-a good try.

LOVE: L+O+V+E=12%+15%+22%+5%=54%

—-love makes people blind.

LUCK: L+U+C+K=12%+21%+3%+11%=47%

—-of course life can not depend on luck.


As you can see, many of these most important facts are…usually not perfect, even though they have strong influences to our daily lives. So, what makes a life perfect?


Is that money? No,

MONEY: M+O+N+E+Y=12%+15%+14%+5%+25%=72%

—-money can not buy everything.


How about leadership? No,

LEADERSHIP: L+E+A+D+E+R+S+H+I+P=12%+5%+1%+4%+5%+18%+19%+8%+9%+16%=97%

—-still not there.


Would it be sex? Certainly not,

SEX: S+E+X=19%+5%+24%=48%

—-you can’t be fed by sexal activites. 


Up to here, you would probably be thinking that I’m illogic to illustrate such a nonsensical example because…like what it is said, "If today is perfect, there would be no need for tomorrow." In other words, everyone knows, life is never perfect.


But, think more. If the world doesn’t have a thing to make you feel perfect, so don’t you? That’s right: it is not perfect because of the attitude – your attitude:


ATTITUDE: A+T+T+I+T+U+D+E=1%+20%+20%+9%+20%+21%+4%+5%=100%

—-bingo! did you get it?


Therefore, the conclusion is simple: Having the right attitude makes a perfect life.



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The Wonders of Procrastination…







One week before Finals:

Scenario #1:

You find yourself doing everything else except your homework. Be it a sudden interest in lending a helping hand with the house chores to spending an extra hour fixing your hair (although normally you are the pull-on-a-T-shirt-and-run type) ; anything will do as long you don’t have to confront the mess you left behind from the last midterm cramming session.

Senario #2:

You just got back from school, so you have a bite to eat and than sit down to try to look through your notes. 5 minutes later you end up on msn. 2 hours later, you are still on msn. Then, you have dinner. Afterwards, you despair at all the work you still haven’t done. After 15 minutes spent pondering your future after getting kicked out of UBC, you muster your determination and tell yourself that no matter what it takes, you are going to finish reviewing at least 1 subject tonight. 10 minutes later, you find yourself making an excuse to use the computer. 3 hours of surfing mindless sites and than it’s time to sleep. You feel incredibly tired and decide to nap a bit, and wake up earlier tommorrow to study. You set all of the alarm clocks in the house. You sleep. The alarm clocks ring. You smash all the alarm clocks in the house and go back to bed. You wake up barely in time to
get to school…

If the above 2 scenes sound eeriely familiar to your daily life right now, you are AVOIDING the issue! lol. Now stop reading this journal entry and go STUDY!

On a more practical note, you aren’t the only one doing it. Granted a big chunk of the U population is studying their hearts out (some started a month ago), there are plenty around doing the same thing. However, unless you are a brilliant genius that gets As without studying, this habit is going to cost you. So here are some tips to curb that wayward self-control!

1) take yourself to a nearby library, bring only what is necessary to the course (a mp3 is NOT needed) and confine yourself to the chair unless you have to go to the bathroom. Works best if you situate yourself in a section where all the books around you are either graduate level material or of some genre that bores you almost as much as your textbook.

2) pull the plug out of your computer and give it to your parents.

3) clear you work table/room of all your favorite distractions

4) Write out an actual schedule and use an hour timer that beeps with the most hideous noise you’ve ever heard. Swear that you won’t get to re-set it unless you finish what you planned for that hour)

5) Study with a serious maniac

That’s about it for now. Have fun on the finals =D





Just like what she says, study hard and good luck on the finals guys and gals!

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Holding Out For the Finals.

I went to beach this evening, and I took some sunset shoots there for celebrating that I finished all my mid-terms this year. The pictures came out not as good as I expected, but never mind—-I’m just a beginner to advanced photography. Meanwhile, I had less than 10 hours sleep in last 3 days. I doubt if I would still be able to stay awake for the next minute. However, I’m not just finished yet, and I’m certainly gona to finish this term before it finishes me. Proposal, term paper, quizzes, assignment, labs, presentation….any of them doesn’t make my life easy. Well, looks like the winter break is somehow, extravagantly worth to be looked forward to; at least I can say that.

As you know, I’m heading back to China in this Christmas. Yes, to reunion with my family, to hook up with old friends, and to pick up the old time. Hey, it’s great to meet my parents once a year isn’t it? For those of you who go back home and say "hi, dad" everyday, I’m sure you don’t have such an excitement. I’ll be off on Dec17th-Jan4th, so keep contact in the break and share your Christmas stories to me when I get back, will ya?

Ok, can’t keep my eyes open. Just wish everyone good luck through the end of this term, and rock’n’roll on the finals.

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After Mid-Terms.

Just finished the 2nd round of my mid-terms last week. One more month to go and we are heading to our finals. This makes me to remember what I did when I was in high school in China – struggling with tests, quizs, exams and homework, days and nights. Like what Sam says in "the Lord of Ring", there is always hope, and there are always something worth to fight for. We work hard for a right solution; we save money for a future spending; and we struggle for a happy ending. But….I’m not a machine that makes product…where’s my life?  
Well, I was kidding. I do have a good life and I just feel a bit lost in doing my study.  Seriously, I realize that I’m not a quite good engineering student or, I could say, I’m not so good at doing engineering courses like the other smart guys. However, there’s no way back. Right now my only hope is, I would keep myself on the right track through my undergraduate. Yeah, no matter what happens, hanging there and keep it up.
Good luck to everyone.
        ~~    someday you go through the rain    ~~
        ~~    someday you feed on a tree frog    ~~

        ~~    it’s ordeal,the trail to survive    ~~ 
      ~~    for the day we see new light    ~~
                                                                                                                                        ————–Snake Eater
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